My Practice

Piet Mondrian wrote that the purest expression of the human mind is achieved through abstraction.
I have always related to Mondrian and his meticulously composed facades. I chose to work as an abstract artist because of his influence and also because I wanted to be free of the need to depict the appearance of the real world.

I work in the traditional disciplines of painting and drawing – mainly using acrylics on canvas or paper, and I sometimes use oil on canvas. For drawing, I prefer coloured markers on paper, often prepared with a coloured ground. My process is quite straight-forward, relying on brushes and draughting tape.

Although I am interested in the technological urban environment which most of us now inhabit, my artistic concerns are primarily aesthetic. My work possesses a formal, structural quality. The grid – the simplest structure of horizontal and vertical lines – inspires my work, and straight lines and edges are characteristic of it. My palette is usually quite muted and restricted.

My work varies in scale, ranging from A4 drawings up 180x120cm paintings.